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Our Story

It was a mix of high adrenaline, enthusiasm and ambition that drove two young college graduates to start their business ventures. Unaware of each other’s existence or even their business plans, it was mere coincidence when they both started off with apparel printing as their main forte.

Alas, the struggles and tribulations of the business line did not refrain from engulfing them both as they embarked on making their own mark among many. It was during this time that they both came across each other as competitors, keeping a close eye on their rivals’ work.

Managing to make sufficient profits but heart-wrenching losses as well, it was a complete change of game for both these young guns when they finally came face-to-face. Where, as many may ask? At a local coffee shop, sipping on and on for four hours, while they talked about the progress with their respective companies, being quite careful with what they spilled out and what they didn’t. But there was nothing more to say when they both divulged a few possible ideas of expansion to each other. It was just one question that played the trick- “Why not work together and bring out something bigger and better?”

They say it is wasteful to invest your time with someone that may be gone soon. But for these two, it was that one meeting, by sheer chance that brought them together as the faces of a company that knows no more than to grow. Neither was it a waste of their time, nor did it result in picking out each other’s trade secrets. It was only the start to a bigger picture. It was the start to INERTIA a promising brand that aims to revolutionize the apparel industry in India.

So here’s to a vision that came about through just a twist of fate, but has worked its way through from being just an interesting story to narrate over and over again to a popular brand among many.

And behind this stands two young and assiduous enthusiasts for taking business rivalry to a higher and healthier level – business partnership and a longstanding one at that.

Our Culture

When it comes to building your own company, it sure does seem fine for those who love their own authority with regard to work, not to mention the days that go not worrying about deadlines or about a boss who appears relentless and punishing all the time. Well, it’s the best atmosphere to flourish in for the “I would never work under anyone” kind.

Well, with all that kept aside, think of those days when you, as a founder of your small start-up have craved for some amount of discipline or a work culture just to set things straight and get a clearer perspective. We had those days too!

When we started off our journey with InertiaCart, we had nothing more than just a name. We had no employees, no office and a handful clients who to be honest were just a few of our friends who wouldn’t show us their wrath in case of late deliveries or problems with the orders. Well, we needed somewhere to start, and the best way to progress as they say, is to fall and then get up. So we fell, not once or twice but innumerable times. There were days of great dejection and there were days when we just couldn’t do it anymore. While we were just two people who started off, our struggles didn’t seem to end at all. We outsourced everything we could but we couldn’t satisfy our clients every time to a 100%.

We looked to our close relatives and friends and even neighbors to help us with some investment. Covered in debt, we refrained from even moving an inch out of the house till we could repay. We ran the business from a tiny room in a relatives’ house, where we packed all the products and dispatched them ourselves however we could. Yes, we wouldn’t deny the fact that it was complete chaos most of the time.

Even the dark ages came to an end eventually, so why couldn’t ours? As orders started pouring in, we started expanding. With one printer and one additional employee, it did ease the dependence we had on our outsourced partners. We wanted to experience the benefits of having it all in-house. Adding to this, in-time deliveries of orders and satisfied customers meant only one thing - we were getting somewhere!

InertiaCart started off with one employee and today we are a team of 33 young, trained show-runners spread over four different departments – Marketing, Production, Design and Human Resources.

What drove us to be able to narrate this story of ours to you is our growth and our steady progress from ‘nothing’ to ‘not bad at all’! It definitely isn’t easy to own a venture and just let it go with the flow. Neither is it easy to have control over factors like capital and manpower. But with a certain work culture, today we have managed to put up a rather diligent workforce and a satisfied client base.

Taking it from a cousin’s room to a full-fledged office hasn’t been an easy journey. The three years since the inception of our small but evolving firm have taught us much more than we ever knew about running a business venture.

The presence of a culture at work and a certain order to keep things in place is very crucial for every firm. What’s more? We get to have more fun than we used to with more celebrations on successful orders and more clients bringing in many more!

Over the three years of our company’s inception, we have received tremendous support from our clients making us reach our business goals steadily. These clients include: TE Connectivity, Tech Mahindra, Indian Air Force,, Sports 365, GMC2, Genpact, SHIAMAK, Jack of all Threads and Garble.